Alarmed Padlocks

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Alarmed Padlock

Price: 29.00

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Minimum quantity for "Alarmed Padlock" is 1

The 95 TO 110dB siren is activated by movement or vibration of the padlock. Shackle thickness is 9mm diameter solid hardened steel. The alarm resets itself in ten seconds, if it detects more movement or vibration it will carry on sounding the alarm. The padlock size...[more]

Bicycle Anti-Theft Security Alarm Vibration Activated

CODE: Bike Alarm

Price: 19.00

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Minimum quantity for "Bicycle Anti-Theft Security Alarm Vibration Activated" is 1

  Vibration Activated 110dB Bicycle Anti-Theft Security Alarm with Password Keypad Motorbike/Bicycle alarm Ultra loud 110dB alarm -- scares potential thieves away Don't let bike thieves get the better of you – protect your investment easily...[more]