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Alarmed Padlock

Price: £32.15

2 item(s)

Minimum quantity for "Alarmed Padlock" is 1

The 95 TO 110dB siren is activated by movement or vibration of the padlock. Shackle thickness is 9mm diameter solid hardened steel. The alarm resets itself in ten seconds, if it detects more movement or vibration it will carry on sounding the alarm. The padlock size...[more]

Bicycle Anti-Theft Security Alarm Vibration Activated

CODE: Bike Alarm

Price: £21.07

1 item(s)

Minimum quantity for "Bicycle Anti-Theft Security Alarm Vibration Activated" is 1

  Vibration Activated 110dB Bicycle Anti-Theft Security Alarm with Password Keypad Motorbike/Bicycle alarm Ultra loud 110dB alarm -- scares potential thieves away Don't let bike thieves get the better of you – protect your investment easily...[more]



Price: £360.35

1 item(s)

Minimum quantity for "CCU6225" is 1

Alarm system with remote control via GSM mobile phone • Safeguards your home, offices, garages, cottage, warehouses, boats and cars. • Permit limited access from any one of eight phone numbers • Eight analog/digital inputs, analog inputs have...[more]


CODE: Marine GPS Software

Price: £21.07

1 item(s)

Minimum quantity for "MARINE OR LAND GPS CHART PLOTTER" is 1

This is a PC based chart plotter for Windows NT family (2000/XP/VISTA) operating system. The software will run on almost any low grade Pentium based system. P4-500+ 256Mb Ram, 20Gb Disk. & SVGA With a GPS device connected it displays the current position, speed,...[more]

Pocket CCTV


Price: £29.94

1 item(s)

Minimum quantity for "Pocket CCTV" is 1

CCTV MONITORING ON YOUR MOBILE PHONE AND LAPTOP/PC ANYWHERE ANYTIME FEATURES:   See your camera(s) live from anywhere in the world via the Internet! Access system from any PC in the world Motion detector with 'Sensitec'   Records video straight...[more]

PSP 200R


1 item(s)

Minimum quantity for "PSP 200R" is 1

PSP-200R EXW *Strong Construction *Anti-vandal function and overload protection. *380mm × 340mm × 88mm * Voltage:DC12V *Weight:18KG *Low power consumption   Approximately 3500 operations on one charge 1 remote...[more]

PSP 500R


Price: £548.84

1 item(s)

Minimum quantity for "PSP 500R" is 1

Parking Space Protector PSP-500R Bionics design, Strong Construction Anti-vandal and weather-resistant. Made of aluminum and high-strength nylon. 650mm×540mm×100mm Voltage:DC12V Weight:21KG Can be used up to 1000 times on one batter...[more]

Strongdisk Pro

Price: £98.68

100 item(s)

Minimum quantity for "Strongdisk Pro" is 1

  StrongDisk Pro line 32bit/64bit StrongDisk Pro line consists of several different products are to protect case sensitive data on personal computers, notebooks, and any type removable media. The virtual...[more]

Tour Mate

CODE: Tour Mate

Price: £72.07

1 item(s)

Minimum quantity for "Tour Mate" is 1

Don't get lost, get a Tour Mate    • Adopt SkyTraq Venus 6 chipset with 65-Channel for fast acquisition and reacquisition • High sensitivity (up to -160dBm) • Excellent performance - Cold/Warm/Hot start time: 29/25/1 sec....[more]

Products found: 9