Alarmed Padlock

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The 95 TO 110dB siren is activated by movement or vibration of the padlock.

Shackle thickness is 9mm diameter solid hardened steel.

The alarm resets itself in ten seconds, if it detects more movement or vibration it will carry on sounding the alarm.

The padlock size is 93mm (from bottom of lock to top of shackle).

The padlock is easy to use and is water and weather resistant. it can be used with a heavy duty chain for locking up bikes and motorcycles, caravans, trailers, lawnmowers, boats etc.

It can also be used on its own for locking sheds, garages, van doors, boats, gates etc.

Obviously no padlock is invincible but this one is a great deterrant to the casual thief. Due to the easily recognisable shape most thieves will not proceed to interfer with a premises or object.

The most important feature of this padlock is that it does not allow a second chance for the burglar, every time the lock is moved, the alarm will sound. The only method to deactivate the alarm is with the key. The key is a round ridged type, which makes it almost impossible to pick the lock.

The alarms components are resistant to attack because they are all concealed inside the steel body of the lock. The body of the lock can only be accessed by opening screws, which are only accessible when the lock is opened.

The padlock comes with long life batteries fitted.

CE (European) approved.

To set the alarm you unlock the padlock, remove the shackle, turn the shackle around and push the shackle back into the padlock and re-lock. The unit will beep to let you know that the alarm is on. Any movement then sets off the alarm siren.

Weighs over 1 llb.

Alarmed Padlock

Price: 29.00

Minimum quantity for "Alarmed Padlock" is 1

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