Strongdisk Pro

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StrongDisk Pro line 32bit/64bit StrongDisk Pro line 32bit/64bit

StrongDisk Pro line consists of several different products are to protect case sensitive data on personal computers, notebooks, and any type removable media. The virtual encrypted disk and partition encryption technologies are extremely effective, and securely protects your private or corparate data. Though powerful and effective, this technologies work transparent with any other applications, and are almost invisible for the user's eyes.

Special versions of StrongDisk Pro line are the first products suited for MS Windows XP 64-bit. All StrongDisk Pro line features, optimized performance, strong encryption and advanced reliability are now available for 64-bit operating system.

StrongDisk Server line 32bit/64bit StrongDisk Server line 32bit/64bit

StrongDisk Server line products protect case sensitive data stored on a server station. It is the easiest way to provide the strongest possible protection against criminals or competitor espionage.

Versions from StrongDisk Server line [64-bit Edition] are specially designed for MS Windows XP 64-bit Edition and MS Windows 2003 Server 64-bit Edition.

StrongDisk CE StrongDisk CE

For the first time, users of PDAs powered by the Microsoft Pocket PC operating system (Microsoft Mobile 2002/2003/2003SE/2005), can enjoy automatic, strong on-the-fly encryption of important data including E-mail and Notes — providing quick, convenient and enforcable handheld seurity for enterprises on the move.

StrongNet VPN System StrongNet VPN System

StrongNet Client is strong network data protection and easy to use client software designed to organize Virtual Private Network (VPN) in corporate local area networks (LANs). StrongNet Srever is served all client VPN tunnels and allow to drop all unprotected packets.



If you want to get a full or no limited version of StrongDisk Pro, you can buy the UK Licence from CK Security Products

Alarmed Padlock

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Bicycle Anti-Theft Security Alarm Vibration Activated

CODE: Bike Alarm

Price: 19.00

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CODE: Marine GPS Software

Price: 19.00

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Pocket CCTV


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PSP 200R


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PSP 500 PSP 500R


Price: 495.00

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Strongdisk Pro

Price: 89.00

Minimum quantity for "Strongdisk Pro" is 1

Tour Mate

CODE: Tour Mate

Price: 65.00

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