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CODE: Marine GPS Software

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This is a PC based chart plotter for Windows NT family (2000/XP/VISTA) operating system.

The software will run on almost any low grade Pentium based system. P4-500+ 256Mb Ram, 20Gb Disk. & SVGA

With a GPS device connected it displays the current position, speed, heading and other data on the screen. The chart is repositioned and new charts are loaded automatically as needed.

Tracks may be saved to file for later reviewing and log book entries can be manually and automatically entered.

Unlimited number of routes and waypoints can be created and used to assist the navigation.

The screen area for charts is maximized with most functions accessed with the right mouse button.

Zooming is provided with support for IntelliMouse wheel.

The software is created for nautical navigation but can be used for other navigation needs.

Now comes with FREE online download links of very detailed Marine Charts for all of the UK and Europe and detailed Maps of the whole of the UK. [ Online Chart Server Coverage for Europe ]

The GPS must be capable of transmitting NMEA 0183 1.5 or higher messages.

Most modern GPS units with PC communication will work. Virtual serial ports, such as USB GPS units with serial drivers, are supported.

Optionally other NMEA instruments may be connected.

Depth, Compass and Wind is displayed if present.

With AIS receiver connected targets are displayed on screen.

On units capable of receiving NMEA waypoint and route data, uploading from the PC is supported.

CHARTS:- The software uses raster charts and can use most BSB/KAP version 1 - 3 and GEO/NOS commercial charts. Encrypted charts, like BSB/CAP can not be used.

Most common projections are supported. Chart datum's are supported.

You can add your own charts, scan or capture them, save as PNG, BMP or other common format.

Skewed and rotated charts can be calibrated using the supplied software.

Chart border can be set to reduce the actual chart area.

Now comes with FREE online download links of very detailed Marine Charts for all of the UK and Europe and detailed Maps of the whole of the UK so you can make your own marine charts or maps with ease

This software is NOT geographically restricted and can be used around the globe, in fact the software is just as happy inland as it is at sea, just change your datum charts to maps.

ROUTES:- Unlimited number of routes are easily created. Maximum number of route points limited by memory only. Several routes may be joined. Tracks can be imported.

Cross track error alarm.

Calculation of time to go, total time to go, bearings, steering indicator and output to NMEA WEY POINTS

Unlimited number of waypoint files can be created.

Maximum number of waypoints limited by memory only.

Multiple files can be merged.

Quick locate of waypoint loads map and centres waypoint on screen.

TRACKS:- Tracks are saved to file and plotted. Saved tracks can later be plotted and used to create routes.

LOGBOOK:- Automatic and manual log book entries into a text file.

IMPORT / EXPORT:- Import and export of routes, waypoints and tracks using G7ToWin and to G7T and Waypoint+ text file format. Export of waypoints and routes to supporting NMEA devices.

OTHER:- NMEA Depth, Wind, Compass and AIS. GPS based Log, Hours and estimated fuel consumption. Night modes with shaded charts. This software will also display AIS data if an AIS reciver is attached.

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CODE: Marine GPS Software

Price: 19.00

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